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Raising future generations is the most important job we will ever have.

It may arguably be the most difficult job we will ever have too, but parenting doesn't have to feel exhausting or overwhelming. With a Certified Parenting Coach by your side offering on-going compassion, support and proven solutions, you can thoroughly enjoy parenting and get your children to listen and learn lessons without yelling, threatening, bribing or punishing.


Yelling may temporarily quiet  children or make them obedient, but it motivates them to fear their parents rather than understand the consequences of their actions. If yelling is a regular occurrence in the home, children develop the belief that yelling is an appropriate way to resolve conflict.


Threat negatively impact a child's self-esteem, increase their stress level leading to more behavioral and emotional outbursts, create relational tension, do not encourage personal responsiblity and normalize aggression and/or violence.


Bribing a child encourages them to label certain tasks (usually every-day tasks) as boring, mundane or unpleasant and to expect a reward in order to complete said task. Bribing robs a child from experiencing the inherent benefit of simply completing a task. 


Punishments make children feel bad about *themselves, not the thing they did. Punishment also doesn't address the root need driving misbehavior, or help the child learn to express their emotions. Instead, it sends the message that their feelings and needs aren't important.

It's never too late!

Whether you're a new parent or your children are out of the home and have babies of their own, it is never too late to break the cycle or learn to discipline without disconnection.

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Become a C.A.L.M. Parent


Learn how to correct negative behavior through connection and understanding so you no longer waste time and energy stopping the same behaviors again and again. 


Discover the root behind what drives you to yell, threaten, bribe or punish and learn to shift the limiting beliefs holding you back from being the parent you long to be


Learn to quickly identify the root need behind every "bad" behavior so you can respond with understanding and teach your child to communicate their feelings and needs in healthier ways


Learn how to control your triggers and consistently model emotional regulation to your children so they learn how to effectively communicate with you and others around them

Hi, I'm Rachael

As a former daycare teacher and private nanny turned Certified Parent Coach with over 55,000 hours of personal and professional experience, my passion as a coach is to help exhausted and overwhelmed parents discipline without disconnective strategies like time-outs, reward charts, verbal aggression or harsh consequences.

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Rachael Rogers
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